Smart Inserts:
Profitable account expansion with full digital campaigns for inserts and supplements

“Smart Inserts” is the best solution for publishers to sustainably and profitably extend inserts into digital using their existing salesforce. With interactive and engaging banner designs Smartico attractively spotlights the advertiser’s products and offers from the print insert and makes them instantly “swipeable” and “shoppable”.

At the core of the digital campaign for print inserts is an individual landing page for each campaign that puts the advertisers’ offerings first: promotions, products or information about nearby locations can be added from the print templates or added as online-only features. Prominent call-to-actions to visit the stores of the advertisers, email or call the advertiser and learn about opening hours, navigation, etc. are included as well.

Clients of Smartico use “Smart Inserts” to

  • offer (print) key accounts out-of-the-box premium display advertising that is intuitive and successful
  • optimise eCPMs and CTRs across all of their network
  • inspire local brick & mortar customers to book online-only campaigns after the first successful campaign
  • generate up to 6-digit annual extra revenue that is profitable and usually booked via annual contracts
  • excite advertisers and sales teams alike about innovative ways to reach local customers that work for both


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